Dr. Alvin Rivera
The Colorado Advocate for CU
Alvin Rivera Ph.D.
Candidate for CU Regent, District 3
Dr. Alvin Rivera, an Army Veteran and graduate of CU Boulder, worked his way to the national level with the Department of Education in Washington D.C.   During a career that spanned two Presidential administrations, he worked for the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Education under President Carter and also, worked for the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics under the Clinton Administration. 

More recently, Alvin has become well known for his advocacy work for the University of Colorado system and was named the first University of Colorado Advocate of the year in 2013. Rivera received the award from CU President Bruce D. Benson, who hosted the event that was attended by nearly 100 supporters.  President Benson recognized Rivera for his “enthusiasm, passion and action” that he has brought to his volunteer role as a CU Advocate.

Alvin has been married to his wife Carol for 48 years.  They enjoy spending time together traveling. In his spare time he enjoys attending car shows and collecting political memorabilia.

Alvin Rivera - Candidate for CU Regent
Dr. Rivera’s Career Highlights

  • White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics (Clinton Administration) 
  • U.S. Department of Education, Office/Asst. Secretary for Education (Carter Administration)
  • National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences, Director, CME, finance & labor
  • Executive Director of the National Institute for Resources in Science and Engineering 
  • Education Consultant and Adjunct Faculty Member (Maryland & Colorado)
  • Assistant Dean of Students, University of Texas El-Paso
  • Assistant Director of Student Aid, University of Denver
Alvin and Carol Rivera
Alvin at home with his collection of political memorabilia