Alvin Rivera for CU Regent, District 3
The Colorado Advocate for CU
The higher education I received at CU led me to a better quality of
life with societal benefits we tend to overlook, and it has enabled me
to impart my knowledge to improve our community."  -Dr. Alvin Rivera

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  1. Quality
    Continue providing high quality education to provide students with a readiness for the workforce.
  2. Access
    Improve access for Colorado families and Veterans to attend CU schools.
  3. Research
    Ensure research is a priority to foster faculty and student development and to enhance the value of education at CU.
  4. Cost
    Reduce relative cost for education at the University of Colorado when compared to other institutions.
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Dr. Alvin Rivera has been involved with the University of Colorado Since 1976

Building Bridges for Rural Colorado

"As an Army veteran and student from Florence Colorado attending CU I used this bridge everyday during my walk to class. It is symbolic to me of the bridge that I intend to build as a CU Regent representing families from rural Colorado. 

I will work to build bridges for rural students who are seeking the opportunity to access higher education at the University of Colorado."  - Alvin Rivera Ph.D.  

  • Earned Ph.D. from CU Boulder, 1976
  • First CU donation 1978
  • University Colorado Alumni Association - Member / Director
  • Colorado University 2013 Inaugural Advocate of the Year
  • CU Heritage Society - Endowment and long-term donor
  • Donor to CU Anschutz Medical Campus
  • Donor to CU Colorado Springs
  • Donor to CU Denver
  • Donor to CU Boulder, Legacy Gift
The Colorado Advocate for CU